Hi guys and girls! Ok, I know I'm not an admin and If you'd like to delete this blog post that's fine with me, I just wanted to see if anyone would agree with this. This wiki is pretty new, therefore small, and for some extremely epic roleplays like Hunger Games, more people need to be involved. So, I was thinking we could all make up some ways to get some more people on. Because I'm bored, I'm just on this wiki waiting for someone else to roleplay too, and I realized that on bigger wikis that proabably doesn't happen. So, we should get some ways to get some more people on here and also, check the rules (not my call, but maybe) to make sure that they would be really easy to enforce. This wiki is extremely amazing, and I feel like more people need to know that!

Thanks for reading, and please comment with your thoughts!:)

(Oh, and also, I noticed no one is ever on chat. With more people, there will usually be people on chat, so you should add some chat mods, too. If there aren't any)